Thursday, January 22, 2015


Now that I've cataloged my recent order of serial numbered goodness from, I decided to take a look at some of the sets that were on the order and see how much of a presence that they own in my serial numbered madness.

I didn't expect to have a whole lot of 2006 Topps gold cards in the set, because I started this project in 2011 which meant that this set was already 5 years removed from peoples minds and collections.  I was actually surprised that this Brad Penny card is the 24th 2006 Topps card in the set.

I'm not purposely showing nothing but Dodgers in this post, but the first two sets I wanted to show just happened to have only one card each in the order, both being Dodgers.  I really like the chrome parallels from the 2007 Turkey Red set, but alas I only have 7 of these so far.  It's not as if I need a minimum number for any particular set that's included, but every time I see one of these I wish I had more.

For me, this is the "so ugly it's good" set.  As I was perusing through COMC and adding to my order, I found myself looking more and more at the 2008 Topps gold cards, hoping to add a few of them to the collection.  These 4 bring the total up to 21, again a bit more than I thought I would have, but not a bad number.

I was very curious about the 2012 Topps set, since it was the first full year that I blogged and chased after the parallels.

These 4 brought the total to a whopping 102 so far, which I'm sure is the largest of any set.

Remember the Reed Johnson card, and how everyone loved it when it first came out?  It'll be 3 years old when '15 series 1 comes out in a few weeks...

The brown framed Gypsy Queen cards are another of my favorites.  Serial #'d to just 999 kind of limited my ability to grab a lot of these for the set.  I own only 11 now that I have the Greinke you see here. 

Triple Threads have been kind of easy to find.  I wound up grabbing a dozen scattered across various years in this order.  I have 47 of the 2011's you see here, and a total of 95 TTT's spread out over 6 different releases.   Overkill maybe?

With just 156 cards remaining, the end is in sight.  I've taken an aggressive approach at the beginning of 2015 to knock this set down as quickly as I can.  I'm likely going to end up with a few gold cards from the 2015 Topps flagship set, and maybe some parallels from Opening Day when it is released.  2015 will be the 18th calendar year that will have at least one card in the SNI set, going all the way back to a pair of '98 Bowmans Best cards. 

What's even better is that the blogosphere and it's wonderful generosity is going to be responsible for at least 2/3 of the set by the time it's finished.

Never in a million years did I think that would be the case. 

thank you for reading, and collecting....



  1. I'm gonna be a little sad when you finish.

  2. I'm still new to the world of card blogging, (late November) do you have a page explaining your project? I'd like to know more. I've thought about trying to get each number (1 of something, 2, 3, etc.) and I'm wondering if that's what you're doing too.

    1. Hello Billy. The Serial Numbered Insanity set (SNI) is 1500 serial #'d cards. 30 teams x 50 cards per team. The want list page is the serial numbers that I still need for the set, and the teams that are listed up top is the # of cards I have for each team.

      10 of the 30 teams are completed (all 50 cards), the other 20 teams have anywhere from 37-47 cards out of the 50 that are needed.

      Each serial number is unique.

      Hope that helps...

    2. Very cool project! Wish I had some to help you out, but I have very little baseball.

  3. The Reed Johnson bird card is great! Forgot about that one.