Thursday, May 22, 2014

One small flaw

By the time you're reading this, I'll have enjoyed my anniversary dinner with two women (spoiled rotten, yes I know), and hopefully will be well on my way to a great evening.

I've enjoyed showing off the card show rewards over the past few posts, and this next card that I'm going to show is another interesting example.   This is a checklist card from the '72 set.

Nice clean front side, corners in fairly good shape.  I always get a kick out of looking at checklist cards from vintage sets, because you get an idea of what someone collected back in the day.

Guess the person who was after this set didn't get very far...

The only card marked off on the checklist is the Yankees Rookies card.

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Only Rusty Torres had an extended career, playing in parts of 9 seasons between 1971-1980.   Roger Hambright was drafted in the 67th round of the 1967 draft.  That should have given him some kind of mojo or karma, right?   Nope.   He only pitched in 18 games during the '71 season as a 22 year old.  Never did pitch again in the bigs after that.  Alan Closter pitched in parts of 4 seasons, with the last two being less than memorable (ERA's over 11 and 14 during those seasons).

Not knocking these 3 players, or Yankee fans in general, but wasn't there another card on this checklist that this person could have gone after?   Killebrew, Mays, Gibson are three of the players that could have been had. 

When this post comes live, there will be less than 24 hours to vote on the first play in game for the "what's next" tournament.  1961 is leading, but not by a large amount.    Comments can be made here on your selection. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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