Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's next? Play-In match #1 1968 Topps vs 1961 Topps

Tale of the tape:

  1.  Set Size:  1968 has 598 cards.  1961 has 587 cards
  2.  Key RCs:  1968  Nolan Ryan, Johnny Bench      1961   Ron Santo, Juan Marichal
  3.  Cost of complete set in NM condition:  1968  $3000      1961  $7000
  4.  Number of cards with high book at $100 or more:   1968: 6       1961:  17

I'm sure that I'll be referencing a lot of the blogs that Jim from Downingtown has that feature vintage sets.  If you're not following them, why not?  They are all well written and showcase a lot of sharp looking cards.

Feel free to comment on this post as to who your favorite is, and why.   Comments on this post earn entries into the end of tournament drawing for a prize to be given away.

thanks for reading and voting, Robert              


  1. By style alone, I vote for the '61 set. I was never much a fan or burlap.

  2. I'd have to go 1961 as well. The only thing that might sway me to 68 is the Ryan rookie. It's an iconic piece of cardboard.

  3. I actually really like the 68 set. Maybe it was because the 2nd year Carew was in it that I wanted as a kid. I know the burlap gets knocked but I think it looks good anyway. Then again, I voted for 61.

  4. Screw it, I changed my vote to '68. No contest based on the example cards at the top of the post.. though I know not many 68s look as cool as that Perez. Add to that the Ryan and Bench rookies, and the fact it's considerably more affordable, if it were me I'd have to go with 68. Though 61 is pretty nice too.

  5. This one is a tough matchup right off the bat. A lot of people find '61 boring, but I'm a big fan of the simple design. I used to hate '68, but the burlap has grown on me over the past year (I guess I should see a doctor about that...). I'm gonna say '61.

  6. '61, blah. The blahiest, blah, blah, blah set that may have ever been made. I never liked '68 either, but I'm going with '68 because '61 blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, and because there were some '68s mixed in with the '69s that my friend inherited from his older brother that I acquired in trades when I was 13. So, nostalgia, yay!

  7. I originally went with '61 because, well, I really have no idea. So I switched to the '68.

    Nolan is badass

  8. I went with `61. My suggestion is, though, no matter what ends up winning this, take on an OPC ball set as a secondary project. It'll give you something to chase when you come to the Expo. 1972 OPC only has 525 cards in it - no goofy high numbers. Totally doable. If you hate yourself and want to try 1971, I'm sure I have 50 or so I can send down there to start you off. :)

  9. 61's .... have been putting this one together myself, VERY SLOWWWWWLY for quite some time,
    reason: Born in 61!!!


  10. This probably speaks to yet another of my character flaws, but I actually dig the burlap look. Oh, and there's also that thing about Nolan Ryan and Johnny Bench rookie cards, too. 1968 all the way for me.

  11. 61. I always found the border of 68 to be weird.

  12. I don't like the 1st-series border in the '68 set either, but they fixed it for the 2nd series.

    Also, why does the poll show 0 votes?

    (Thanks for the mention, Robert!)

    1. I wish I knew why Jim, I have a good idea what the vote count is (I've been following it all week).

      You're welcome for the mention, you always have great stuff on your blogs, so it was definitely worth a shout out....