Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dave Winfield is a catcher?

More goodies from the land of PWE, this time from regular contributor Pat who runs the Hot Corner Cards blog.  I've mentioned Pat so often on the blog lately that I believe I may have to start charging him an advertising fee.

OK, maybe the cards will cover the fees this time.

First off, the SNI set inches its way past the 75% mark with this Heritage Chrome beauty from 2013:

Jay's card is serial #642, and brings the Reds to 40 out of the 50 cards required for the insanity set.

Next up, a couple of cards from a set that is involved in the "What's Next" tourney, 1962 Topps.

I'm wondering if these Tigers are dupes...I hope so!

There's one more '62T card; that one I am showing on a quickie post tomorrow afternoon.

I've mentioned a time or 3 in the past that I enjoy art cards.   Vernon Wells on this card kind of dampers that enthusiasm just a bit...

VW just doesn't look happy, does he?

This next card probably was never listed as an error card, but for me it screams "screw up"!!

Backstop wins 1992 WS MVP Award.  Picture of Dave Winfield.  Hmmmm.

Just to be sure, I looked at and checked Dave Winfield's stats.  All 3 outfield positions, a few games at first base, and a couple of innings at 3rd base in 1986.   Never played catcher.

Let's see if there's a mention of Dave on the back.

Nope.  I guess UD couldn't find a stock photo of Pat Borders anywhere?  Even #25 in the background isn't Borders (it's Devon White). 

Makes you wonder how this slipped by the quality control department.  Maybe they were on break at the time...

Thank you for the cards Pat, much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Why would they picture Winfield on that card? That's just odd.

  2. Cards 416-420 are all checklisted by Beckett simply as "Toronto Blue Jays" but all 5 cards feature Dave Winfield on front. Only cards 416 & 420 actually reference Winfield on the back.

  3. That's ridiculous. I'm not counting that as a catcher card either! :)