Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This guy made the right choice

I can honestly say this, I do get lucky every once in a while.   JBF's blog of the year contest at the beginning of 2014 gave everyone the opportunity to nominate who they thought was the best sports card blog.

So, I put a bunch of names on a dartboard, threw three darts up there, and when the 3rd dart finally hit the board, it landed on the Night Owl.  I know, not the most scientific way of choosing a blog, but sometimes you have to let the chips fall where they may.

Lucky me, the Night Owl won for the 3rd year running, and my nomination scored me some Blue Jay goodies from Wes. 

The most intriguing card in the envelope was this graded card of a fellow whose card you might not expect to get graded.

Danny Ainge's career with the Jays lasted a grand total of 3 seasons, and after the third season he decided to try his luck with the NBA's Boston Celtics.   14 seasons, 2 championship rings and an all star appearance later, Danny sure made the right choice.

Ainge is still hanging around the NBA, as the GM of the Celtics.  In those 12 seasons, the Celtics have made the playoffs 9 times and won the title in 2007-08.

Interesting note about the jersey numbers Danny wore during his playing career.   5 different teams, 2 different sports, 5 different jersey numbers (2 in Toronto, 44 in Boston, 7 in Sacramento, 9 in Portland, 22 in Phoenix).   Usually most players are superstitious about what number is on their jersey. 

I guess Danny was different...

More on this great package from Wes to come.   Thank you Wes!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Love those multiple sport athletes! Would have been interesting to see what would have happened had Ainge chose baseball. My guess is that he wouldn't have ended up as the Blue Jays GM.