Saturday, April 26, 2014

A little bit of shiny for your Saturday

Well, I've made it through two weeks with zero purchases.  I felt myself going through withdrawal last night and hunting through eBay to see what I could find.   Luckily, sleep wound up winning and I managed to go another day without any impulse purchases putting a dent in my wallet.

I decided to hunt through some recent additions to the collection to find some shiny cards to show off.  Shiny always makes the day a little bit brighter.

Now this is a loud card.  1998 Pinnacle Aurora Pennant Fever #23 of Jose Cruz Jr.  1998 was Jose's first full season as a Blue Jay, and I remember all the type when he came to Toronto mid-season in 1997.  When looking up his stats I was shocked at how much he moved around after he left Toronto following the 2002 season.  Cruz played for 7 teams during the 2003-2008 period, including 3 teams in 2005.  Makes you wonder what went on in his life during that time to end up moving all over the place.

2013 Topps Chrome orange refractor of Josh Johnson.  It appears that the Jays made the right decision by letting him go after the 2013 season.  Johnson is slated to have his 2nd Tommy John surgery soon, costing the Padres a cool $8 million in the process

Serial # 525

There's the first card from the 2014 Heritage set to make its way into the SNI project.  Orioles slugger Chris Davis found his way here via another PWE from the 48895 zip code.  The Orioles are finally past the halfway mark, since Davis' card represents the 26th Oriole card for the set.  The total for the set is 1123/1500, only 2 cards shy of 3/4 complete.

Pat also included a little less shiny, but still quite welcome, chrome parallel of Jose Bautista in the envelope.  I already have serial #660 for the insanity set, so this slides nicely into the Jays collection.

I think it's high time that I start getting something together to send out to Pat....

thanks for reading, Robert

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