Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sakic Sunday: I told you that the next 100 would go a lot quicker

The other cards that were in the PWE sent by Doug from the Sportscards from the Dollar Store blog were a trio of Joe Sakic's.  These three bring the total to 305, and with the spoils from the monthly card show still to post, the fourth 100 cards are moving along quite well.

The more of these cards that come in, the more I realized that the past decade I have missed a lot of great sets.  That scares me, because the more I see, the more I want.  With my new found passion for the older cards well established, this creates a big problem for the wallet.  Trades have been very helpful however in easing the burden.

2011 Parkhurst Champions is one of the sets that I missed.  Whether I would have chased the whole set is another story, but the cards do like nice.

Another release that I was always fond of when I lived back home were the McDonalds Upper Deck sets.  What really sucked is that most of the time I was late when I got around to buying some packs.  The restaurants would always be sold out.  This card from 2005 features Sakic wearing what looks like a moon helmet.

Last but not least is another set that I've liked since the first time it was released in the late 90's.  SP authentic is another set that I probably would have chased over the years had my collecting habits stayed in place.

OK, so I haven't hit the 400 mark yet, but the first 5 cards after 300 are coming a lot quicker than I expected.  I'm pretty sure that it won't take me a decade to reach 400.  I hope.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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