Saturday, September 7, 2013

One list grows while another shrinks

Carrying on from last night's post, the final 10 cards that Tom sent me were some great ones as well.

9 of the 10 were some additions to the Jim Thome PC, all of which feature him in a Indians uniform.  The earlier years of Thome are pretty thin in my collection, so these were a welcome sight.

After 2 decades of seeing Thome wearing nothing but the #25, this card was cool to see.  In 1991, Thome wore the #6 for the Tribe, as well as the #59.  Jim switched to #25 in 1992 and never looked back.

A couple of Opening Day cards from the early 2000, including one with that great home run swing of his that connected for 612 dingers.

Add Mark Rypien to this photo and you have a case for everyone that is politically correct out there.  Imagine how much better this card would have been if that had been Chipper Jones on the left instead of Ryan Klesko.  Still, great pic with Thome holding two bats...

This is why the Tribe dominated in the mid 90's.  Belle, Alomar Jr., Thome, Baerga and Lofton.  Add in other stars such as Ramirez, Vizquel and Eddie Murray and you have a lineup that was very tough to beat.  Imagine this, in a shorter 1995 season, the Indians had a record of 100-44.  They just couldn't overcome the pitching machine that was the Atlanta Braves in the world series.

Finally, Tom sent me a single solitary card to knock off the 2011 Topps Heritage list. 

Just 28 more SPs to go and I'll have that set completed!

Tom, thank you for the great cards and the impromptu envelope!!   They were very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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