Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just because it's not gold, doesn't mean it's not gold

About a month ago I was fortunate to land quite a few gold parallels that I had won on eBay.  I had a few members of the blogosphere contact me looking for some of them for their own collections.

One of the trades I completed was with Jim who writes the great GCRL blog.  The link documents what I sent his way, and today I received his end of the trade.

Before you ask, yes there were gold cards in there.  Those 4 have already been removed from the Serial #'d Insanity want list and will be featured in a SNI marathon coming soon (you read that right...).

Of course, there was a nice bit of blue and white in the envelope also, both baseball and hockey!!  Let's start with the Jays.

A couple of sets that I really haven't devoted a whole lot of time chasing this year, Bowman base and Topps Archives were right on top.  I probably should have put together a want list for these sets, but I really never even thought about doing that to be honest.   Don't know why.

The placement of the Jays logo on the Reyes card is rather unfortunate
With all the different parallels in Bowman this year (blue, gold, orange, silver ice, hometown) it's almost as if I'd be chasing another Topps product.  Wait a minute...

I like the 2000 Topps card of Homer Bush.  How can you not like the guy whose name is a baseball play?  You don't see too many kids named ground rule double (OK, now I know I'm stretching it).

What I wasn't expecting in the envelope, but were most warmly welcomed in the house when I saw them, were these two Leafs beauties.

71-72 OPCs!!!!  That was a holy shit moment right there.  One of the best vintage hockey sets produced in my opinion.  I love the vintage style Leafs logo on the lower right, not as classic as the one on the Doug Gilmour card from a few days back, but still great.  One day, I will own this set, but for now I'll be very happy with two more cards to add to my Leafs collection. 

The backs are great as well, let's look at McKenny's...

Now I don't recall if McKenny ever did any acting, but I do know that he was the sports anchor on Toronto station CITY for decades.  Jim was very well spoken and was great in front of the camera. 

Like I said, just because there's no gold border, doesn't mean that these cards weren't golden for me.

Thank you Jim!!  Very much appreciated...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. thanks for the trade - looking forward to the serial number insanity marathon!

  2. I always thought Balfour was a lousy last name for a pitcher.

    1. Bert, I never had even thought about Balfour, good call!!

  3. It's gold Jerry! Gold!

    That Reyes card definitely made me laugh and I think I had Mike Pelyk's hair back in 91 when I was 12 years old.

    1. Dave, I was going to include the Seinfeld line, but changed my

    2. Great minds think alike, keep the great posts coming!