Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The November project purchase #4: '76 Topps BB lot

I've been on a kick lately when searching eBay, looking for starter sets for years that I am interested in.  This lot came across my searches last weekend, and it was a deal that was too good to leave for someone else to pickup.

Cards purchased (360, approx 250 unique cards):  This blows the 100 card requirement for the month out of the water.
Cost: $10.51 + $6.50 shipping= $17.01 ($44.27 total spent, $55.73 left)
Seller:  hckybob2

These weren't all commons as well, there were quite a few stars/semi stars in the group.  I saw Gaylord Perry, Rich Gossage, J.R. Richard, Gorman Thomas and a lot of other names that I recognized in the stack.

I doubt if these two are related.

Not related to the author of this blog in any way...

Yep, that's the whole card...

Scanned....well just because.  Don't you think that the separation between the La and the rest was kind of overdone?

Anyhow, for the price, this lot will provide a bit of entertainment for me, as well as a nice lot of cards for trading.  The cards were mostly lower grade, but there were enough decent cards in the box to make this a good start towards another classic 70's Topps set. 

I still have over half of the $100 bankroll still to spend, but I'm in no hurry to spend it.  This project just may carry into December, and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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