Saturday, November 24, 2012

Before there were lockouts and strikes: Bernie Parent

By request from Anthony at the Get the Bat off your shoulder blog, here is a post featuring the rock that solidified the Broad Street Bullies teams of the mid 70's, Bernie Parent.

1976-77 Topps # 10

While I didn't have a card that featured Bernie unmasked and displaying his thick beard, I felt that this was a pretty good card to show off.  Every time I see those old brown leather goalie pads, my legs get heavy remembering how much heavier they got when they got wet.

Scary Stat:  During the Flyers cup years of 73-74 & 74-75, Bernie played 141 regular season games, earning 91 wins with 24 shutouts and a microscopic GAA of 1.96.  During the playoffs those 2 seasons, he recorded 6 more shutouts with a combined 1.95 GAA.

Not unlike Rick Kehoe, who was in the first post of the BTWLAS series, Bernie's career ended early as well.  Parent was forced into retirement at the age of 33 because of an eye injury from an errant stick during a game against the New York Rangers in February of 1979.

Before there were lockouts and strikes, there was Bernie Parent.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'd like to see you do one for one of my favorite players, Dave Keon , or maybe Tim Horton.

  2. That's a nice card too. If I had a double of the 78-79, I'd send it to you....