Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You'll have to excuse me...I'm still a little slow (the sequel)

If you're one of the insane crazies that reads my blog on a regular basis (and bless your heart if you are), you may remember my post a couple of weeks back ranting against myself about the Allen & Ginter set.

Well, true to my Dumb & Dumber roots, which are greying/graying by the way, I now provide you with the sequel to that post from two weeks ago.

This post will prove to all just how moronic I can be sometimes. 

I received a couple of trade envelopes over the past couple of days, from great people in the land of the blogs who had some Gypsy Queen cards to help with my want list. 

The first scan comes to you courtesy of the one and only Napkin Doon, who sent me a generous helping of GQ, along with a few other cards that are going to be discussed in another post in the coming days.  I'm showing just 9 cards of the package, because you've seen them all over and over....

Nap, thank you for the cards!

The second package comes from blog reader Patrick S.  (Patrick, if you have a blog out there, somewhere, please let me...and the blogosphere know!)  Here is the prerequisite 9 card scan for you.

Patrick, thank you as well!!

As I sat at the computer this evening, checking the cards I received from both of these fine gentlemen off of my excel spreadsheet, I see the number of cards that I need diminish (duh).  I sit here and think to myself...hmm, only 55 cards to go to complete the set, when it dawns on me.

34 of those 55, you guessed it, are the Variation SPs.  So now, for the 2nd year in a row, I've committed myself to collecting a set that has a bunch of SPs that are going to be costly to obtain.  Look to 2011 Heritage for that other miserable exercise that's going to cost a small fortune.

I've been slow to learn that my rash decisions on what sets to put together are biting me in the ass.  Yes, GQ looks good to me, but not stopping to think about what the set is comprised of has set me on a path of spending that is probably not smart.  Don't even get me started on the '64 set I'm building and the high dollar, high numbered cards (that might be the third post in the series).

In order to remind myself in the future to "look before you leap", I'm putting an index card on the wall right above the monitor with a little message.

I have nobody to blame but myself in the future if this card doesn't work....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I decided the SPs were not necessary for me to collect. They aren't different numbers or different players, so that was easy to decide for me!

  2. skip the variations...the set is complete 1-300....go for the minis 301-350, they are a different part of the checklist.

  3. At least with the dealers I shop with, the SPs were only a buck or two a shot. Not like those high number Heritage SPs for $8 each...

  4. I'm with Dan, skip the variations in the main set(even though I sent you a couple). Especially since the Wade Boggs looks so similar anyways. You can then use the variation cards to trade for the stuff you actually need. Heritage on the other hand, well I've never been a fan of SP's so I just avoid the set all together. I'd rather have the original vintage anyhow. I usually buy a few packs of Heritage just for some trade bait but that's it.