Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Blue Jay Monday: 2012 Topps Brandon Morrow

The randomizer turned up a 2012 card for the first time, one of Brandon Morrow, who was having a great season before an injury cost him a significant amount of starts.  The left oblique strain cost Morrow two months, and likely a lot of the momentum that the Jays had back in June.  Brandon is still having the finest statistical season of his career to date, even though he's likely going to finish with just 20 starts.

The 8-5 record doesn't tell the whole story.  2.93 ERA, 6.9 Hits per 9 innings, 1.056 WHIP, and 3.04 SO/BB are all career best numbers for him. 

It also makes me wonder if Ricky Romero's struggles are tied to Morrow's injury.  The pressure of being "the guy" may have been too much for Ricky.  When Morrow was first injured in June, Ricky was 7-1 with a 4.15 ERA.  Ricky is now 8-13 with a 5.85 ERA, and leading the American League in both ER allowed and walks. 

Whether that is a coincidence or not, Brandon and Ricky will still form a solid 1-2 punch when 2013 rolls around.  The bad part is that I'm already looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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