Wednesday, September 12, 2012

eBay Masterpieces?

Kind of like an oxymoron, huh?  Come on, you all know what an oxymoron is.  A figure of speech in which contradictory words appear with one another.

Bitter Sweet
Jumbo Shrimp
Free Love (I have Dan Fielding on Night Court to thank for that one...)

All kidding aside, I had some good luck last week picking up some more of the SPs to get closer to finishing the 2008 UD Masterpieces set.

6 more off the books, leaving me with only 8 to go!

4 of the 6 were from a seller that I've dealt with before, great people in the great state of Alaska!  Since they combine shipping, I decided to pickup a little something extra for myself in the process. 

Roy Halladay '07 Masterpieces for less than $4 shipped!  You betcha...

LOL, I kind of cut the top part of the card off, but rest assured it's in great shape.  An even better surprise with this seller from Alaska is when I requested the total was $0! 

I'm hoping to knock the Masterpieces set off of my Fab Five list soon...8 SPs can't be that tough to track down...can they?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I think I have the Jeter and the Kaline. Didn't even know they were SPs. I wonder how many other SPs I have floating around unnoticed?

  2. You can usually find the SP's on the internets somewhere, just whether or not they are cost effective, that's another story.

    night owl, I believe that all of the SP's in '08 Masterpieces are numbered 91 thru 120.

  3. Love this set !! I have it almost complete as well, only need 1 more, card 94 !

  4. I also only need 1 card, #110! Great set...

  5. It's such a great set. Maybe I'll pursue it someday. I have some Rockies I received in trade and a Pudge jersey off eBay. Definitely one Upper Deck got right.