Sunday, September 2, 2012

A trade that was fun and educational

You have to love it when you get your end of a trade in the mail, rip open the envelope, and find a card inside that you didn't expect.  It's even better when the card actually educates you.

Case in point, my end of a trade recently received from Brian at Play at the Plate.  The card in question is scanned below for your viewing pleasure:

After all these years I've collected cards, I finally am part of the learned society.

The mystery of the initials "SP" has been solved.

Super Prospects!!!  I should have known.   For all these years I thought SP stood for short print.  What was I thinking?? 

To top it off, I received a couple more Blue Jays to add to the collection.  Adam Lind, step up to the plate please...

Adam, you can open your eyes now

Finally, Brian sent me an auto of one of the Jays 1st rd picks from the June '11 draft.  Yes, this card you're going to see also reminded me of something as well...

This card reminded me that I'm old (not ancient old, but working my way up there in years).  Why?  Well, when I see a player I don't recognize, I head to baseball reference dot com to get the 411.

This kid is 19.  Born a day before my 25th birthday.  Ugh.  By the way...Dwight?  You do know that there is generally more than 1 letter in an autograph... (not always, but when you're 19, you don't have the tenure to be this lazy with an auto...)

Fun and educational.  Brian, thank you again for another great trade...I hope you enjoyed your cards!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Well, I used to be a teacher, so it makes sense. Glad you liked the cards.