Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sakic Sunday: Don't you just love Pacific?

Yes, you all remember Pacific out there.  They of the multitude of sets with a multitude of parallels.

Omega, Paramount, Crown Royale, Revolution, Dynagon Ice,Private Stock, Titanium.  Don't forget the base Pacific set as well.  I'm sure that there may be other sets that I've forgotten over the years.

Pacific definitely made things interested for the collector back in the late 90's/early 2000's, didn't they?  A myriad of sets, many of which contained several forms of parallels.

Base, Ruby, Copper, Ice Blue, Gold, Premiere Date just to name a few.  Each of them listed in the magazine with varying levels of attainability, and in turn varying levels of multipliers increasing the "value" of the card by sometimes crazy levels of multipliers.  Here's an example for you all:

1999/2000 Pacific Paramount.  I have staring you in the face 3 of the various parallels from that year.  The base is on the far right.  The middle card is the Gold parallel (not to be confused with the Holo-Gold!!), available in retail packs, and holding a multiplier of 2.5 to 6x the base card's value.  The card on the far left is the copper parallel, available in hobby packs, with a multiplier of 2.5 to 5x. 

The best part of this complete all the variations of the Joe Sakic base card from this year, I only need six more.  2 types of Emerald to start, an Ice Blue, and various other levels of insanity. 

I could honestly see a lot of player/team collectors saying "screw this" and forgetting about the various parallels.  Imagine if you are an Avalanche team collector?  Nine players in that set, including names like Sakic, Roy, Hejduk and Forsberg. 

To be honest....these cards bring back a lot of memories for me, back to a time when collectors had choices.  Yes, there were tons of sets on the market, but at least there were no monopolies.  Maybe I'll start a bring back the Pacific brand campaign...when I acquire all the Joe Sakic parallels from all the Pacific sets over the years.

I'm guessing you will not have to worry about Pacific coming back any time soon then....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Pacific was crazy with baseball cards too. I'll have to put up my Rusty Greer cards sometime.