Saturday, August 11, 2012

How often do you find cards priced at 15/$1?

OK, let me rephrase that post title.  How often do you find 1975 Topps cards priced at 15/$1?  One of the tables at the very back of the National had cards listed at 15/$1, and I dove right in.

How could I not?

I was absolutely shocked when I came across a stack of 1975 Topps cards in there, and the digging began in earnest.

I just couldn't pass them up, you know what I'm saying?  My original plan was to put a dent into my '77 Topps set, but for some reason every table that I came across that had '77s had them at ridiculous prices (at least in my opinion), so I wound up picking up more '75s than I had originally bargained for.  

I picked up 69 cards for this set at this table, and found a couple of '73s to bring the total amount of cards to $5!

I even found one of the worst airbrush jobs on a card imaginable in this box.  If I were a Cardinals fan, I'd be disappointed to say the least.

Was the attempt really even worth it?

The dealer at that table even threw in a couple of '60s cards I found in her "bargain bin" as well...

I spent a total of $5 at that table, and probably had the most fun there over all the other tables that I visited over the 2 days. 

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, one of the main objectives was to put a dent into my '77 set.  If I could call anything at the National a disappointment, it would be the fact that I only managed to score these 8 cards.

Some names I remember in here

This post rounds out my Friday experience at the National.  I spent $88 on the first day, and this sums up what kind of damage I did:

  • 8 cards towards the '77 set
  • 69 cards towards the '75 set
  • 40 cards for the insanity set
  • 4 jersey/relic cards (including 2 Jays)
  • 5 '62s
  • 39 cards towards the '64 set
  • 8 cards towards the'73 set
  • Also picked up vintage cards from '63/'65/'66/'68 sets

Saturday's fun is still to come....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. 15/$1 boxes are pretty rare, much less ones with '75 Topps in them!

    Great finds, Robert!