Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love when cards remind me of home

I've been here in western PA a little over 14 years now, and despite all my grumblings, I'm very happy with my life here.  The cost of living is fairly low, and thankfully the key component of it all, my loving wife, puts up with my hobby. 

It's funny how things happen suddenly that give you a taste for your hometown.  A taste I really haven't had in a while, even though I love the city.

Within the past week, I found two cards, and one blog, that reminded me of Toronto.  (Trevor, if you're reading, check your email)

I got the first card at the card show I hit last Saturday, it's a jersey card of a young Leaf player that I hope very soon will make the lineup and start scoring goals as Leaf fans have wanted him to do since he was drafted a few years back.

#'d 31/499
Great City Lights jersey card featuring Nazem Kadri, and the best part of the card for me is how Panini incorporated the CN Tower (or the Bell Tower, or the Rogers Tower, goodness knows one of the corporate cronies may have bought the rights to it by now) into the "City"  The shot also features a great view of the skyline, including the Sky Dome on the left (screw it, I refuse to call it the Rogers Center). 

The 2nd card that reminded me of home is a card I received from Nick over at Dime Boxes as part of a group of Jays he sent my way:

Again the CN Tower is featured, this time on the Donruss Studio 2004 card of Alex Rios.  This card also has a nice view of the Toronto skyline, and the Sky Dome is there, although a little difficult to see.  I could be a sarcastic bastard here and say that the only thing really wrong with the card is the player featured on it....

Nope, didn't say it...

I have no intentions of going back to Canada to live.  The US of A is the best country on this planet, and one of the proudest days of my life was becoming an American citizen back in 2006.  However, no matter where I may end up here, these two cards that are part of my collection now will always remind me of why I bleed blue and white.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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