Thursday, June 14, 2012

Don't adjust your screens for this post

Well, my practice of skimming over emails and posts got me again.  This time, not so bad though.

I received an email from Matt over at the Once a Cub blog just after I got home from vacation, asking if I would like the Blue Jays proceeds from a case of Topps Archives.  I said sure that would be great, so I provided him with my address, and about a week later, a thick envelope arrived.

By the way, yes, I did say a case.

Check out these scans...

Topps did a good job at least with the '71 cards

A lot of Yunel?  Yu betcha

On a roll..19 HRs now

Plus!  The inserts and SPs to go with them

I had no idea what a deckle edge was till I received this card on the right
Even though they are reprints, still cool to get a couple of Jays from the glory years.

Anyone need a Jays team set from this years' Archives, I'm your man!!

Thank you Matt, I sent a return envelope your way...enjoy!

Thanks for reading, (and hopefully not squinting) Robert


  1. I could use a set - do you need any of the Jays prospects from 2012 bowman chrome?

  2. Martin, yes I do need the Jays prospects from Bowman me at rmitchell6700 at yahoo dot com and we'll work something out...thanks

  3. Robert,

    hit me up for a set... it's been awhile since we swapped. I'll come up with something you'll like. Maybe even Leafs too....

  4. So I noticed when I had the cards in my possession but didn't mention it. Its the most legible facsimile signature of the group, but do you think Joey Bats knows he has a "u" in his last name?