Sunday, June 17, 2012

Broken Wings

The old saying holds true for my Blue Jays this week:  "You can never have enough pitching"

Three starters went down this week, including maybe their most effective starter Brandon Morrow who strained his oblique.  (Has anyone noticed that this oblique strain is becoming a common injury nowadays?)

The Jays are going to have to rely more on these two guys now to pick up the ball every fifth day and get a win for them..

Even though Romero is 7-1 so far this season, statistically this is his worst season in terms of ERA, K/BB ratio and HR/9 innings.  Alvarez is following up his incredible 10 start run last year with a decent second season, although I would like to see him strike a few more batters than the measly 24 he has fanned in his first 13 starts.

The biggest potential loss however is this guy:

Drabek is going to Dr. Andrews this week for a 2nd opinion, but it appears that his torn UCL in his elbow is going to require Tommy John surgery.  Although his numbers don't really show it, he has made some strides this year towards becoming the pitcher the Jays hoped he would be when they acquired him in the Roy Halladay deal a couple years ago. 

Unbelievably, if he does require the surgery, it will be his 2nd Tommy John ligament replacement procedure.  I don't think that I can recall anyone who has ever had that surgery twice.  If this is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see if he can come back a 2nd time and be effective.  I'm sure that something such as this happening twice to the same person has to have a devastating mental effect.  (NOTE: Jason Frasor, who pitches with the Jays, has had 2 TJ surgeries, the 2nd being in 2002 and has gone on to a solid big league career)

With all these injuries, Brett Cecil is getting another chance to show what he can do in the bigs, and everyone involved with the Jays is hoping he finally realizes his potential as a supplemental first round pick in the 2006 draft.

Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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