Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 19 begins at the stroke of midnight with....

The announcement of the contest results....

Here are the guesses:

Eric L.  147
Adam E.  140
Night Owl 124
Josh D.  89
Greg Z.  171
Spiegel 199
PATP 187
Lost Collector 155
ARP Smith  111
Henchy  136
Dante  200
Jeff Laws 163
Diamond King 144
Ryan G.  46
67ers 93
Ted  free entry

Here are 2 of the 85 cards that Ted from Crinkly Wrappers sent me for the insanity set, along with the over 200 Jays cards that I still have yet to add to the LTP list...

Heath Bell just signed a 3 yr $27 million deal with the Marlins, while DeJesus just signed for 2 years @ 5 million per with the Cubs. we to the randomizer!!  Run it through 3 times as is customary

Random # 1

Random #2

Random #3

Greg Z. and Josh D.   Congrats!!   I will send you both an email here shortly...

thanks to all who participated

thanks for reading, Robert

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