Monday, December 12, 2011

Trade post of the bass ackwards variety

Good Monday to you all, hope that your week has started off well.

Well, to say I'm behind on sending packages/trades out is well.....quite the understatement.

So, the lazy guy here has decided to make this the catch up post.  Please stay tuned until the end, because the credits roll quickly.

The following zip codes have packages going in the mail tomorrow.

13601 (your package was received, post to go up this week, thank you!)

The person in the following zip code mailed me a package that is generous beyond my wildest dreams.   


Now, there are a couple of you out there that I know I am behind on correspondence with, so this right now is my formal apology.

No Relics Pulled , you and I had started a trade a while ago starting with a 09 OPC black bordered card of Johnny Damon.  Forgive me, but where do we stand right now?  It seems that I have lost track, and an in need of some assistance.  Please let me know,  thank you.

Thoughts and Sox, consider me thoughtless and barefoot.  I do remember you stated you had some cards for me,  but I had totally neglected to look for some Red Sox cards to send your way.  For that, I apologize. 

Is there anyone else out there I'm behind with (loud echo off in the distance...) ?   Please email me at rmitchell6700 AT yahoo DOT com and let me know: 

a) that I'm a slacker
b) where we stand, trade wise...

One card rule:

Anyone for a game of liquored up leap frog??

Thanks for reading, Robert

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