Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weeks budget went to the monthly card show.

Good Sunday evening to you all, hope that your weekend has gone well.  As you may have read in my post last night, I've gone back to sticking within my budget.  I took my $30 and  headed to the monthly card show at the Shenango Valley Mall in Hermitage, PA.

This show takes place the first weekend of each month, and it is a show that usually has about 30 tables.  There are a few regular sellers there, and I've come to know which tables to head to first.

The first table that I always hit is run by an older gentleman and his wife.  As this was my 3rd straight month at the show, he recognized me right away and offered a quick hello as I arrived.  For me, little things like that go a long way.  His table gave me the start towards my 77 Topps set a couple of months back with the 100 count lot for $6.  There was no 77 Topps there yesterday, however he had another 100 count lot that caught my eye.

How can I pass on starting another great set from the 70's!  A 100 count lot for $7 was an easy decision...can't leave it at the show for that price.

Mind you, there is going to be no hurry on my part to complete this set, because of the other projects I have going on right now (insanity set, 77 Topps, other various sets from the 2000's, etc.)

I also saw a box of cards on his table that I hadn't seen there before...labelled "50 c, $1 and $2."  On a lark, I started perusing the cards in the 50 cent row.  There was a lot of vintage cards from the 60's and 70's in that row that caught my eye, so I decided to pick up a few of them as well.

It appears as if a frustrated collector started the 7th series of 1965 Topps back in the day, got the first 16 cards and said to heck with it and stopped.  There are no marks on the back of that one.

The checklist on the right is from 1966 Topps, and does not have a mark on either side!  Yes, the corners are soft but who cares, you don't often see an unmarked checklist from the 60's for 50 cents, so I grabbed that as well.

Two more cards I picked up from the 50 cent row were these two from the 1964 Topps set.  I'm slowly gaining an appreciation for the 60's sets, and these two cards really caught my eye.  Both cards I would say are in EX condition, the corners are not bad at all, and there are no markings as well.

I must say it was fun going through the cards, and I probably could have had a field day there as well.

After a little while there I moved on to another table that I've frequented, and after talking a while with the dealer he came to reveal that he drives from the Buffalo, NY area to do this show.  It's a dedicated dealer that drives nearly 4 hours to do a mall show once a month...

I picked up a few cards for various want lists off his table, but this was a card that I was happy to be able to pickup for cheap.

I don't know what it is about the atomic refractors from Topps Chrome, but I grabbed this one quickly for the insanity set.

Mark # 90 off of the list...

All totaled I spend $28 at the show, probably could have spent more if I wanted to, but it's time to get back to the basics, especially with Christmas coming. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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