Sunday, December 11, 2011

Group breaks have been really good to me so far

Good Sunday morning, hope your weekend is going well so far.

I received another package this week, this time it was from Adam over at My Cardboard Mistress.  The link I have provided is for the final tally of all the cards that were part of the break.

I will say this, this may have been my most enjoyable break for a few reasons:

1.  Adam broke a ton of product, in varying quantities, years and lines.  It was great fun to see all the different variations of cards.  Even better when there were in hand and I got to see some more cards that I had never viewed in the past.  Great stuff.
2.  Adam puts me to shame as a numbers guy.  There was a spreadsheet posted at every portion of the break, with breakdowns for team by base cards, inserts, parallels, autos and relics.
3.  Pie charts!  I loved the breakdown by division for all the different types of cards.  For a numbers geek like me this was just as fun to look at as the cards themselves.

Finally, he didn't leave me "empty handed".  Even though I received over 150 cards of varying years and sets, Adam made sure that I scored both a jersey relic and an auto!  That kind of generosity is very much appreciated by this guy, and just further enhances my thoughts that the baseball card blogosphere is comprised of the best group of collectors out there.

Here are my "bonuses":

2 more great Jays to add to the collection.  Adam Lind auto from '09 Topps Unique and a Vernon Wells jersey card from '08 UD Masterpieces (a set which is slowly going to become an addiction for me).

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to make of this group break at first, but now that I have the finished product/cards in hand, it was fantastic to say the least!!

Add to that the extensive amount of work that Adam put in on this break, I must give him an A+!

Thank you very much Adam for the break, it really is appreciated here!!!!!

Thank you for reading, Robert


  1. Hi Robert, think i may have someone for the Lind auto

  2. Martyn, let me know when you can about the Lind.

  3. Glad you were satisfied. My wife was happy to see 2500+ cards go out the door instead of into a box.