Friday, December 9, 2011

Cool cards, # 5 & 6

Good evening to you all, I thought I'd share some thoughts on a couple more cards that I found while perusing my collection that I thought were cool.

Cool card # 5:  1978 Topps 544, Len Randle, New York Mets.

It appears that Len may have a big smile on his face for one of two reasons:

1.  He made it back to first base on a potential pick off attempt by the pitcher.
2.  He may be enjoying the quick pat on his back side that Gene Richards of the San Diego Padres is applying.

Either way, this is a great shot of baseball in action.  You can still see a small cloud of dirt in the air from the slide back into first base.  Also, if Gene Richards actually does have the ball in his glove, someone should have reminded him that he could have applied the tag with his glove hand, rather than the bare one.

Cool card # 6:  2001 Upper Deck # 83, John Halama, Seattle Mariners.

Great shot of John Halama here in mid pitch.  I'm thinking however it is doubtful that this was taken during game action, because this is outdoors (so not from the roof of the Kingdome), and there really isn't the opportunity to get this kind of shot from overhead in say...a plane... thus the photo was likely taken from behind during a bullpen session.

Hopefully you were able to look at these and think they were cool as well.

thanks for reading, Robert

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