Saturday, December 31, 2011

2009 OPC hobby box #2...packs 168-185

As promised, here is the 2nd half of the hobby box that I received from my better half for Christmas this year. 

Same post we go!

Inserts #1

NY-27.  Oliver Perez, NY NY
FF23.  David Ortiz Face of the Franchise
HM11. Carlos Gomez Highlights and Milestones
MM11. Carl Crawford Midsummer Memories
MM12. Vladimir Guerrero Midsummer Memories

Inserts #2:

RM-26.  Retro Hanley Ramirez
AW15.  Torii Hunter The Award Show
1228.  Retrospectives The Middle East Peace Accord
1233.  Retrospectives Nashville Predators
1223.  Retrospectives El Nino

Black bordered parallels #1

101. Radhames Liz
109. Travis Hafner
124. Heath Bell
176. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
188. Vernon Wells
223. Chris Iannetta
232. Casey Blake
360. Francisco Rodriguez
364. Troy Tulowitzki

Black Bordered parallels #2:

392. Tim Wakefield
403. Yovani Gallardo
432. Austin Kearns
451. Miguel Tejada
61. Chone Figgins
532. NL Avg. leaders
553. BoSox moments card
584. Shawn Kelley.

I also pulled a black bordered mini of # 308 Jo-Jo Reyes of the Braves, and a blank backed black border of  card # 549, Carlos Zambrano of the Cubs.

As far as the base set goes, I pulled another 20 cards towards the set.  This now gets me to 486/600 or 81% even.  With the odds of pulling cards I need for the set out of packs now becoming slimmer, I think it's time for me to end the pack buying and work on completing the set via trades/singles purchases.

This was a fun experiment...185 packs of cards is a little over 5 hobby boxes, and to be 114 cards short is not too bad given the number of parallels and inserts that come from the packs. 

Everything above is up for trade however, if there's anything you like, just drop me an email or comment below.

thanks for reading, Robert

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