Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 17 begins with a box break

Good Saturday morning to you all.  I don't believe that I've ever done a box break for you guys where I've analyzed the contents of a box rip, so I figured I would start with one of the 2 UD 09-10 Hockey boxes I got on the cheap at the Toronto card show last weekend.  Here we go!

Box price $22

24 packs with 8 cards in a pack. (relic card pack contained 6 cards)

Base cards:  147  no duplicates in the box

The base cards featured UD's standard great photos, and this one is my favorite.  Take a look at Ovechkin's stick as he is in the process of shooting.  Look at the bend in the stick, just an amazing photo if you ask me.

Young Guns:  6  (Parse, Desharnais, Eckford, Perreault, Stoa, YG Checklist)

 While no major names were pulled, collation was exactly as expected, with one every 4 packs as advertised.

Inserts:  10

The colors really pop on the Luongo and Iginla inserts, and I've always loved the Hockey Heroes cards, so getting 2 of Mark Messier in this box was cool. 

There were other inserts, such as Draft Day Gems, Captains Calling and Rookie Debut that I also pulled as well. 

Victory Update cards:  24    These cards are inserted one per pack, and come with cards that didn't make it into the original Victory set. 

I was also fortunate to pull two gold victory cards, including the best rookie in the set, John Tavares.

Relics:  1   I pulled a Victor Hedman Rookie Materials jersey card, a nice black swatch.  

Photo shoot material only 

I don't get to break full 24 packs boxes very often, so getting 2 boxes of this at $22 apiece was certainly a great deal for me, and the rip was fun for sure. 

I'll review the other box in a couple of days for you all.  

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. At $22 a box, you basically had a moral obligation to buy them. Very cool.

  2. Exactly, can't leave them there at that price!!