Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 14 ends with a bunch of odds and ends for me...

Good Friday evening to you all, hope that you're getting ready for a great weekend!  Week 14 comes to a close for me, and I have a whole bunch of loose ends and shout outs to fellow bloggers, so here we go.

To Josh over at Royals and Randoms, I received your package today, thank you very much!  Josh sent me a wide assortment of Blue Jays, both old and new, a handful of '09 OPC cards, and he also got me one card closer to completing the insanity.   Josh, I'm going to get a group of cards together for you and hope to have them in the mail by the middle of next week.  Thank you again.

Another blogger that hooked me up this week was Ryan at This Card is Cool.  Ryan sent me 40+ '11 Topps Update cards that I needed, along with several cards towards the insanity set.  The favorite card I already have (and I hate him for sending this, because I may become addicted to these cards), is this King Felix card from Gypsy Queen.

I have a love/hate relationship with this card

I did not buy one pack of Gypsy Queen cards, and frankly, I believe that this is the first GQ card that I even own.
I'll have to make sure that this is the only one that I own for quite a while until I can get the number of completed sets to my personal goal of 15.

Ryan, thank you for the cards, yours will be in the mail tomorrow.

Contests....there are a few, including my own.  If you missed my post last night, here is a link to the contest and what I've asked readers to do.  I do have a concern, and that is Colbey from Cardboard Collections posted in the comment section asking where his comment went.  To be honest, I never saw a post from Colbey, but I'm sure he probably made one or he wouldn't be asking.  Anyone else out there ever have a comment disappear??    Colbey, I hope you take the time to provide another comment for the contest.  Colbey is also running another group break, check out his November 1st post for more details.
Thanks also go out to Brian at Play at the Plate for his recent pair of contests, for which I was lucky enough to win one of them!!  Brian sent me a batch of cards for the insanity set earlier this week, and he's going to send me a couple more for my contest winnings.  I'm going to have to do a Play at the Plate week over there just to get through all the cards.  Thank you Brian!
One more contest to plug, and that's over at The Common (Card) Man.  The prize giveaway is a Black Glove Leather parallel from Topps Update.  Head on over there and guess, you have until Noon on Saturday!

Thanks to the Night Owl, Dawgbones and Play at the Plate for pimping my contest as well, it is always appreciated. 

OK, one more, and this is for Eric over at Manupatches and Mustaches for the cards he sent me towards the insanity this week.  Thank you very much, there are cards headed your way in the mail tomorrow, with one extra surprise in there for you.  Oh, and on a lighter note, since I get tired of typing out Eric's blog title (too many letters), I hereby proclaim his blog for the month of November the M&M's blog.  That way I can have lunch over at Nachos Grande, then some M&M's for dessert (yea I know...horrible, but it seemed good at the time I thought of it).

The tally so far for cards towards the insanity from fellow bloggers is 43.  Thank you all!!  I've already scored some cheap lots on eBay, and made some trades on the Bench website as well, and I've been able to score a bunch of low numbered cards already, which was initially one of my worries when I thought about putting together this set. 

OK, enough of my rambling, I've typed so long that I already ventured into week 15....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. If you think about it, my blog name is now shorter than it was previously (Manupatches and Chrome Scratches). Glad you liked the insanity cards. It was really fun digging through my cards to find them. Any others I come across will be sent to you post haste.

  2. Hi Robert -- I finally wrote up our trade. :-)

    Thanks again!
    -Josh D.