Thursday, November 17, 2011


Good Thursday evening to you all, hope that you're ready for another great weekend (I know I am!).  I came home today to find a brown envelope in my mailbox, from Dennis over at Too Many Grandersons Verlanders.  We had completed a trade last week that saw me send some cards his way in return for some serial numbered insanity that was very welcomed into my house.

If there's one thing I've missed over the past 8-9 years, it's trading online.  The ability to get cards that you want for the price of postage, along with some cards out of your collection that someone else really wants.

Another thing that I'm really behind on is the staggering array of cards that I've missed over the years by only purchasing packs here and there at the big box stores.   Here are some examples:

'08 Co-Signers

I received a couple of these a few weeks back in another trade, but not to the extent that I pulled in today.  The '08 Topps Co-Signers set is fast becoming a set that I may have to look into when I can start putting together some newer sets.  These cards are fantastic!  Of course, they're serial numbered as well, which only adds to my enjoyment.  It's a little tough to see on the Young and Utley cards, but the holographic image in the background of another player on the same team is pretty cool, at least from where I sit. 

Great cards for the insanity

I'm sure that a lot of you looked at the 5 cards above and knew right away that they were black parallels from '05 Topps Chrome.  I never would have known if it hadn't been written on the back of the cards.   Man I am so out of touch.

More Jays Goodness

A multitude of colored Jays cards also came with the envelope.  Purple, Red, Blue, Black, Brown...all great stuff.   Still more yet!

Building Blocks

Another trio of cards that I had never seen before, but gathered that they were older because calling Troy Glaus and Eric Chavez "future foundations" definitely could not have happened in the past couple years.  I turn over the cards, and they're from '99!  Serial numbered even.  I was like a junkie today with the fix I got with serial numbered cards. 

You've hopefully read this far and are still wondering "why did he title this post 'unforgettable'".  Well, I'm just poking a little fun at Dennis' post about our trade from yesterday.  To quote "File this under yet ANOTHER trade I completed and promptly forgot about, to my amazement when I popped my mailbox open today."   LOL!!

I had to laugh when I saw that, because I can totally understand sometimes that when life gets you going, smaller things like cards and blogging can take a back seat.  

From my end Dennis, this trade was great, and for me unforgettable.   Thank you very much!

This one's for you....thanks for reading, Robert


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  1. Yeah, that was a good trade package, but was it Annie's boobs from Community good? I was pretty happy to get the Griese et al for a bunch of inserts I was going to get rid of anyway, so, win-win!

  2. I can't compare cards and boobs, it's like comparing apples and boobs...just not the same...