Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is life outside of the blogosphere.

Good Wednesday to you all, I actually stumbled across something very interesting on Tuesday that I thought I would share with you.

Most of you know I'm a numbers freak, so while looking over my stats for the Serial Insanity blog, I noticed a rather large amount of hits on Tuesday.  This link was actually responsible for 23 hits, which is more than that blog has received on a lot of days total.   So I decided to check it out, and I found this.

I have become an inspiration!! 

There is another collector out there that actually liked my serial numbered insanity idea enough to attempt one on his own.  His idea varies somewhat from mine, as he's going to go up to 3000 instead of 1500, and he's going to use all 4 sports and all types of cards (relics/autos) as well. 

The fact that he published a link to my blog was flattery enough for me!  I emailed him really quick on Tuesday, and his main worries were about cataloging and cards that had players from multiple teams.  Both worries I understand completely.

It may not be much to anyone out there, but to me this was a big deal, because as one of the new kids on the block, this is a triumph in my own mind.

The one card rule....another pickup from the Toronto Expo last week:

Any bad asses from the west coast interested???

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. How I didn't see this yesterday, I have no idea. But yes, I am most certainly interested! I'll e-mail you tonight!