Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Serial Insanity has created an absolute monster (NSFW: language)

Good Tuesday evening to you all, hope that your week is going well so far.  Keep reading this post to the very end please. 

Yes, you read the title right.  The serial insanity blog has created a monster, and that would be all my friends in the blogosphere who have reached out with a helping hand and offered cards for trade, or in some cases cards as a donation to the blog.

I cannot say thank you enough to you all.   (Yes, you know who you are out there).

This past 5 weeks the genesis of this set has proved to me one thing.  There's no better person in the world out there than a card collector!!  (well indeed there may be, but from where I sit...)

When I first came up with this idea in mid October, I thought to myself that this would be a good way to get through the winter.  Pick up a few cards here and there, maybe make a trade or two to get me into the new year and keep me out of trouble.

My God, how wrong I was.  Let me count the ways...

2 Greg's (East and West Coast)
1 Eric, 1 Erik
1 Fuji
1 Nomo's Platter
1 Henchmeister (got em today Chris, thank you!)
1 Play at the Plate Dude
1 Lost Collector
1 guy with Cool Cards
1 Verlander enthusiast
1 Reds fan from my home state...
1 Royals & Random's
1 Ray hahn, Ray hahn  (e!)

and I know I'm forgetting one or two others....

then there's Ted.

Holy Shit Ted, you're killing me!  I came home from running errands on Saturday afternoon to find that the mail had arrived.  Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog had mentioned on previous comments on my blog that he was in the process of  sending me some Jays and some cards toward the insanity set.  I imagined an envelope, similar to the ones I've been receiving all along from everyone out there...maybe 40-50 cards...Ted's been good to me before.

On the dining room table....is a 400 count box.  Jammed.

Full of colors.  Gold.  Black.  Blue.  Red.  Pink. 

Scan doesn't do card justice..it's pink.

I always get into trouble when I see pink.  You guys out there can understand where I'm coming from there....


But I digress...

I still get verklempt when I recall opening the box.  I looked at my wife and said "I really don't fucking believe he sent me this!!"  Ask her, she'll tell you I included the adjective.

The stack of Blue Jays cards alone will put me into the 1200's when I am done with sorting them (I'm just short of 1000 now).

I sent Ted an email thanking him for his generosity, and to ask if he was looking for anything that I could send him.   I love Ted's reply  "I'm just doing a little house cleaning".   I naturally wondered what kind of house he has....LOL

You're all probably wondering why I made you all read this. 


Yep, I'm going to do another contest.  I'm going to make you guess.  A number...plain and simple

Ted, you already have an entry into the contest, you can't guess the number of course since you know what you sent me.

Followers of the blog only will be allowed entry into the contest. 

What do you need to guess?  

The number of cards that Ted sent that will go towards the insanity set.

The number is more than 10, but less than 200.

If anyone guesses the number right on, they win!!  If nobody guesses the number exactly, then I will do the random.org for the prize (or maybe prizes....)

Why another contest so soon??  I feel lucky.  Here's a line from the email that AJ over at The Lost Collector sent me regarding the packs I sent him.

"Thanks for the two update packs as well. Thought you'd like to know I pulled a Starlin Castro All Star Jersey Diamond Parallel relic (#d 02/60). It's sweet! I haven't pulled anything  that good in a long time"

Now that made me feel good.    Christmas is coming, so hopefully someone else will get to celebrate a little early.

Deadline for guesses is Friday at midnight EST.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Words in this post, 704.  total for the month, 15339....SUCCESS!!!


  1. 147. And I second everything you've said so far. I was able to put together a 700 card mustache set, with my buying only a few dozen 80s football mustache cards, because of tons of generous donations from bloggers. Way cool.

  2. 124. Ted, man, he's just got a lot of cards.

  3. I'll be the pessimist...89.

    That sounds awesome, Robert. :-)

  4. 187 popped into my head so I'll go with it.

  5. Ted is the man. I'll guess 155.

    Thanks for the quote...I'll be showing off the cards in a post (or two) in the near future - probably next week since I'm behind on a few posts.

  6. I will go with 111.

    I was digging through a box of serial number and short print cards I have and looking for cards for your set. I guess I should wait until you get through logging these.

  7. 136. Just a hunch. Thanks for the contest!

  8. 163 cards and this is a great community of bloggers and card collector's.

  9. Good for you on hitting 15K! I think I got to 8985. Too many production support issues. :)

  10. Don't think I can follow from Wordpress. One of its many features.

  11. I know 67ers that I have a couple of WordPress bloggers who follow via Google...not sure if they do it with a Google account or how that works...can anyone help here?!

  12. I'm going with 46 cards. Ted has an amazing stash of cards, though, so I bet I'm really low-balling it.