Friday, November 11, 2011

A bounty of Blue Jays arrives on my doorstep

Good Friday to you all, hope that you are ready for a great weekend!  I got home last night from work, and headed straight to the dining room table, where the days mail is normally left for me to peruse.  Naturally, I look immediately for the bubble mailers that contain the travails of another collectors' desire to keep my collection growing by leaps and bounds.

This envelope was a lot thicker than the normal envelopes I have been receiving lately.  I open it up and there are three bricks of cards, all from Kerry at the Cards on Cards.  I had sent him a stack of '03 & '04 Topps Heritage that he needed, and in return I got an envelope stuffed with some great cards.

Kerry first hit some of my '11 Heritage want list:

This is still one of my favorite sets from this year, unfortunately for me I've had little luck pulling the short prints.  Of the 62 cards I need to complete the set, 53 of them are short prints, so this is gonna get ugly. 

The Adam Lind card encased in a top loader is a short print, which is good, but I'll also have to find one of those for my Blue Jays collection.

Speaking of Blue Jays, that was the meat of the envelope.  Slightly over 100 of the Blue Birds came into my possession, some great cards from a wide variety of years.  Today, I'm going to discuss 4 of the cards, because if I were to go over all of them, those of you who are insomniacs out there would be no longer.

These 4 cards intrigued me because I remembered buying a few packs back when they first came out. 

These cards are from the '91 and '92 OPC Premier sets that at the time were popular in Canada.  The '91 set was released to capitalize on the hockey release which collectors went nuts for(in Canada anyhow).   The set size mirrored the hockey sets as well, there were 132 cards in the '91 set, while the '92 set contained 198 cards.  As you can see, the cards on the front had solid action photos, along with the players position listed in both English and French.   The backs contained a head shot photo, the team logo, and stats featuring the most recent season along with career stats.  The stats were also limited, as for hitters they only contained batting average, hits, HR and RBI, while pitchers stats were W-L, K's, shutouts and ERA. 

These cards have really fallen off the map as far as the magazine thinks, because neither of them are listed. 

OPC tried to mimic the success of the hockey set by making the checklist heavy in 2 ways:

  • Lots of Blue Jays, 13 of them by my count in the '91 set.
  • RCs...remember Kirk Dressendorfer anyone?  I'm sure you don't, but he was popular back in the early 90's.  Kirk was one of those up and comers like Todd van Poppel was, and we all know how that turned out.

There are still dozens of cards that I can sit and describe, but those are for another post (s).  Thank you very much for the cards Kerry, they are appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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