Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 14 begins with a World Series Champion

In case you missed it last night, the Cards won their 11th World Series title, with a 6-2 win over the Texas Rangers.  Good Saturday morning to you all, hope that your weekend is off to a fine start. I don't know about you out there, but I don't recall hearing the announcers say "is this the last game that Albert Pujols plays in a Cardinals uniform".  My prediction for him this off season is that he stays with the Cards, and gives them a hometown discount...probably 6yr/$156 million ($26 million per).

Sadly, to coincide with the end of baseball season, snow started falling here in western PA last night (ugh).  Mind you, it wasn't enough to coat the ground, but the mere reminder that winter is on its way already has me longing for a trip to warmer climates.  On another note, I can now start talking hockey some more here on the habit...

88-89 OPC #11

As many of you know, I am a big Leafs fan, have been since my childhood.  That will never change.   Although, baseball has now crept up to a close 2nd in terms of sports love for me, hockey is now and will forever remain my number one love.  However, the blog has helped evolve my enjoyment of baseball (and baseball cards) even more.

Luckily, at least for me anyhow, I have about 5 months until spring training games start to enjoy my passion.  No doubt I will lose a lot of readers for the foreseeable future while I wax poetic on my Maple Leafs, and some great cards from the past 30 years.

What else can I do?  Baseball season is over, I'm sure that trading will slow down quite a bit until the new releases come out at the beginning of 2012 (another rant there, but that's for another time).  What do diehard baseball fans do between now and the 3rd week of February?  I guess I can read posts from other blogs in years gone by to see what bloggers talk about during the winter.  But I've already "borrowed" enough ideas from others, it's time for me to do some more of what I like (not that I don't like baseball).

As you can see above, the Leafs are a team that I will always love, along with the particular set that I've chosen to feature.   The 1988-89 OPC set is a great set, smaller in size to the early 80's sets  (264 cards in size compared to most of the early 80's sets that featured 396 cards).  I like the design, the push pin was unique to OPC that year.  The backs are an orange color with all the stats and bio printed in both English and French.

You can also expect the insanity to keep on going through the winter.  The posts are currently three days in, and I have enough in my personal collection to last another couple of weeks.  I also have several bloggers either sending me cards or offering me trades for more serial numbered cards.  I was also able to make a trade with a Bench member yesterday that helped pare down some of my 09 OPC stack of doubles in order to obtain 4 more serial numbered cards (one of which is numbered 4/199).  I'll be doing features of cards sent to me by fellow bloggers, so be sure to stay tuned for that. 

Saturday is here, off to do some other stuff for a while....thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I remember that set. I don't know if you've been following it, but over at The Cardboard and Me ( there is a really nice custom tribute set that is taking shape.

    I liked this set better than either of the previous two, but I was still bent out of shape that they'd cut the set size by a third. I missed all the team cards, etc. Leeman hadn't had a card made since '84-85 because he wasn't seen as high-profile enough. That was crazy.

    Leeman's goal and points totals went up every year he was in the league until he had that 51-goal season in '89-90. Then in Oct 1990 he blew his shoulder apart, and if he had 51 more goals over the course of his career, I'd be surprised.

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