Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 10 begins, and an old commercial inspires a blog idea

Good Saturday morning to all, hope the weather where you are is better than it is here in dreary western PA.  As you know if you're a regular reader of my blog, I've just started building the 2009 OPC baseball set.  I purchased a hobby box online earlier last week, and today found 2 blaster boxes at 40% off!  So for $24 I was able to get 30 more packs of cards.  

Then I got to many packs of cards is it going to take me to build this set?  Consider this:  it's a 600 card set, and there are 6 cards in a pack.  One of the cards is a black bordered parallel, so now we're down to 5 cards in a pack.  As you may have seen so far in the first 12 packs of the box break, there have been several packs that have contained an insert card, or an additional black parallel mini.  I thought for a minute, at approximately 4.5 base cards per pack (rough math), with perfect collation it would take me approximately 133 packs to obtain the entire set.  Now we all know that perfect collation never exists in larger set products (I've already got one duplicate in the first 12 packs). While pondering this, I remembered an old commercial from the 70's, and figured I'd turn it into a blog posting idea...

Anybody out there remember this old commercial???

Yep, that is the classic, "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" commercial from the 70's.  Only, in my case it's going to be "How many packs of OPC baseball cards does it take to complete the entire set?"  Now of course, I'm not going to change my method of building sets, I'm going to rely on my fellow bloggers and set builders to help me out through trades as well, but of course it's going to take quite a few packs of cards to see just how long it will take to complete the set.  Hopefully we can have some fun with this, and also get an idea of just how costly it may be to complete this set. 

The world may never know......

Thanks for reading, Robert...      (41 days)

Hockey set builders out there, I'm also going to do this with the 07-08 OPC set as well, gotta do something with the winter time!! )

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  1. Do you have a list of what you still need?

    According to my "have-list", I have:
    4) Izturis
    51) Ohlendorf
    66) Giles
    406) Varitek (Black)
    579) Freese
    MM5) Tejada (Midsummer Memories)

    They are yours if needed.