Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I récéivéd somé Blué Jays this wéék from é, rayhahn rayhahn

Good evening all, hope that you've survived the week so far.  I just want to apologize for all the accents on the "e"'s in the title, it was the only witty way I could think of for the post title.  I have to say thank you to David at e, rayhahn rayhahn for this trade, he really hooked me up with some cool Blue Jays cards for my collection.

To start...

Doc and some other fine Jays from the past

we have some 08 UD documentary...5 cards of Roy Halladay to be exact.  I'm still sad that he's no longer a Jay, but I am glad to see the success he's had so far as a Phillie.

Next are a couple of recent Topps 60 cards of Jays from their WS teams in the early 90's, Roberto Alomar and Paul Molitor (anyone remember what Milwaukee fans called Molitor the first time he went back to Milwaukee in a Jays uniform??)
Finally we have another Upshaw card, an 85 OPC card, which is very cool because I do not have a whole lot of OPC in my Jays collection. 

Next up....

Millar is the first of the Jays "freaks"

5 serial numbered cards of Millar, Hill, Cecil and Rzepczynski.  The Millar shows the serial number because he is going to be the first Jay in my serial numbered crazy set I'm going to put together...more to come on that soon.

Finally, I got goosed...

Nice jersey card from UD artifacts of Gustavo Chacin.  I was fortunate enough to get the matching auto in a group break in September at the daily dimwit, so this is the perfect complement to that card. 

I sent David a few Twins cards that I had, plus a relic of Ervin Santana as well.  This trade worked out well for both of our collections.   Thank you again David!!

Have a good evening, and thank you for reading...Robert

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