Sunday, May 29, 2016

A trade package so good, it needs two posts

First post of the month.  Not sure why.   Is "just because" a reason (no, I guess not).

But I have been somewhat active when it comes to cards during May.   They just haven't been on the forefront as my better half and I have been busy house hunting.  We've had one offer fall through already, and we're on to a 2nd one now so hopefully before summer's end I'll be posting more often from my own office in a new hacienda...

Moving back to cards, I did receive a great trade package from Colbey at Cardboard Collections this week!!  So good, I'm breaking it up into two posts.   Hopefully, it won't take another month to get the 2nd post out.

I decided to make the 4 SPs from the 2011 Heritage set that Colbey sent their own post.

East coast, west coast, and Jake Arrieta!!  The SPs from the set are still pricey, so getting 4 of these in a trade is absolutely fantastic.

I'm down to 8 to complete the set, and have already picked up 2 of them this morning from ebay and COMC. 

For me, these 4 cards weren't the best part of the package.   The boat load of Blue Jays that came my way were even better.   Adam Lind auto, serial #'d cards, parallels, liquorfractors, minis, man O man was this an awesome envelope.

Colbey, thank you part 1!   There's more to come...

thanks for reading, Robert

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