Friday, December 4, 2015

Three stars of a different sort

What's great about the vintage dealer that I've found at the card show here in my new neck of the woods is that he doesn't just have 50's and 60's cards to choose from, there's a whole cavalcade of great cards at his tables to go through.

The three cards I'm going to show off on this post are a great example of this. 

I've seen quite a few of these cards on the blogs lately, and when I saw this at the table for a buck, I figured why not.   Maybe someone will need/want it as part of a trade.

Like a lot of other cards I've seen from the other bloggers, this isn't perfectly cut.  But maybe out there, someone needs card #3 from the '76 Hostess set.  Let me know if it's you....

The other two cards are hockey legends, and just happen to be two of the 3 cards that I needed to finish the 1987-88 OPC set.   I had no intention what so ever of looking for these, they just fell into my lap.

A very nice condition 2nd year Patrick Roy card!  Remember when goalies and goalie equipment looked like this?  Yea, I thought not.

Even better, I got the Mario Lemieux from the same set.   This might be the only year that I can ever remember Lemieux wearing the 'A' on his jersey.  Plus, this jersey he's wearing here is similar to the 3rd jerseys that the Penguins now wear.  One of the best designs the Pens have ever had in my opinion.

These 2 cards knock down the 87-88 OPC want list to just one card.  It is #53.

Anyone have a spare Gretzky to trade?

thanks for reading, Robert