Monday, November 23, 2015

Now this is pretty cool

Over my time as a blogger, I've seen quite a few unique items that people have added to their collections.  I can't say that I've ever seen one of these. 

It's from the 2000 National, which was held in Anaheim that year.  I'm guessing that this was a VIP reward from Fleer, and lucky me it's a Jim Thome Fleer Tradition card, which made its way into my hands today courtesy of Greg of the great Night Owl Cards blog. 

Now that I'm a little more comfortable here in my new home, I got around to sending out a trio of envelopes over the past 10 days, including a few cards that headed Greg's way.   In return I got this and quite a few other cards that will hit a few want lists (always a great thing).

I debated whether I should open this plastic container and get the card out (I'm a very hands on person when it comes to cards), but I decided against it.  It's survived 15 years so far, so who am I to end such a good run?  I'll find a single pocket page at the next card show and place this in the Thome binder for eternity.

Naturally this wasn't the only card in the envelope, but I've decided to save the rest for another post or 2.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Greg sent a Kerry Wood one my direction from when the National was in Chicago. Definitely VERY cool!

  2. Hey! I blogged about the cards you sent me tonight! We need to come up with some card blogging term for that.