Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A little here, a little there

Was I so desperate for posts that I broke up an envelope of about 20 cards over 3 days?  Absolutely.

It's great though that Greg's envelope hit a lot of different lists.  The final post consists of cards that hit 3 sets and one of my PC's.  First, this years A&G receives a dent with these 5 cards coming off of the 2 lists.

The Evan Gattis may or may not be short printed, depending on who or what you believe.  The 4 starting points cards bring the total I have to over 1/3 of the 100 card set.  Sometime soon I'll be receiving another envelope full of A&G cards from another recently completed trade, which will knock both of those want lists down even more. 

Most of the envelopes that Greg and I have sent back and forth have contained at least one vintage card, if not more.   This time, 2 of the vintage sets on my want list were reduced by one card each.

I had no idea that Maury Wills played for the Pirates.  I learned today that he spent the '67 and '68 seasons in Pittsburgh, hitting a combined .290 over the 2 seasons and stealing 81 bases.  After his 2 years in Pittsburgh he was part of the Montreal Expos original roster, as he was selected 21st in the expansion draft by the Expos in 1968. 

Another card from the '59 set is off the books.  The condition of the Frank Malzone card is right up my alley, corners are nice and soft and rounded, and there's a crease in the lower left hand corner, right through the Red Sox logo.  I have 231 of the 572 cards now towards the '59 set.  I'm a lot farther along than I ever thought I would be with this set.

Seeing the '68 and '59 cards made me think some more about the vintage collection that I've been building over the past few years.   I've decided to really concentrate on a handful of sets once I finish of the '64 and '73 sets that I've been putting together.   I'm going to go over the 5 sets that I really want to finish over a few posts coming soon.

Lastly, the highlight of the envelope  for me was a Brett Lawrie card, #'d out of 99.

This 2011 Bowman Chrome card is easily the rarest card of my burgeoning Brett Lawrie PC. 

Working through the Thome and Sakic cards that I've purchased over the past few months really has made me want to work on my player PCs more.  In order to do this, I really would like to finish some of the sets that I've been working on for a long time so I have less on my plate.

I have varying portions of most of the '60s and '70s sets up to and including 1976.  I'm probably going to take the cards from the sets that I don't plan to build and use them in trades or sell them off to concentrate more on the final 5 vintage sets that I've decided on.   

Recently, I've purchased a few '73s on COMC, and over the holiday weekend I'll try and find a few more in order to get closer to finishing.  The '64 set will be next; now that I'm down to just 60 cards to go, I'll start knocking those off one by one.

Not only did this envelope help me whittle down  some want lists, it helped me prioritize what I want to do with my collection in the near future.  

Greg, thank you for the cards, they are greatly appreciated!! 

thanks for reading, Robert

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