Saturday, October 3, 2015

Testing the waters

Today was the first trip to the monthly card show down here in the south.  When I visit regular card shows for the first time, I usually go just to scope it out and see what kind of selection there is.

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.  I would say that there was roughly 20 vendors there (not bad), and the selection was a little better than I expected.

To say that I was shocked to find hockey at a South Florida would be an understatement.

Finding a Maple Leafs 1971-72 OPC logo card shocked me even more.  Only paying a buck for it was even better!

The 74-75 Topps Borje Salming rookie for $3 was also a great find for me.  I think that I already have a copy in my collection, but a 2nd copy of this card doesn't hurt.

The long lost quest to complete the 1973 Topps set actually took one step forward today.   I found this Hank Aaron all time total bases leader card for $5

All my purchases wound up at just one table, which will probably be a regular haunt for me.  This dealer had quite the vintage selection, similar to the vendor I frequented at the monthly shows in Pennsylvania.  The other five cards that I bought today were from the '59 Topps set, including card # 462 of Rocky Colavito.

This Colavito, along with the other 4 cards bring me to just over 3/8's of the '59 set.  I saw an off center Stan Musial for $25 today, but passed on it.   $25 is actually all that I spent today, buying just 9 cards.

I saw enough today to know that I'll probably attend the show on a regular basis.  Next time, I think I'll bring a list...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Any card show that results in a Rocky Colavito is a good card show.