Thursday, February 26, 2015

By the page: Some more minis

It's been nice to get a few of the minis out of the Jays box.   Unlike the A&G minis that I showed off last Saturday, this page features three different sets of minis.  And, I didn't have to use up a 15 pocket page for these, as they fit fairly well inside a 9 pocket page.

Top Row:  2011 Topps Lineage

I rather enjoyed collecting this set when it came out a few years ago.  I enjoyed the fact that it was colorful and had a variety of parallels, including the minis you see here.  Getting a Roberto Alomar in the set didn't hurt the cause either...

Middle Row: 1988 Topps

I debated a bit about putting these in the center vs. the Goudeys you'll see below.  I decided that I rather enjoyed having a link to the glory years front and center.  George Bell was one of my favorites from the 80's teams, so having him in the middle was an easy choice.  I'll always enjoy any shot of Exhibition Stadium on 80's Jays cards, and the Henke doesn't disappoint. 

Bottom Row:  2007 Goudey

The only reason I positioned these three the way I did is because Vernon Wells is a red back, and the other two have green backs.   Scientific, no?

Not a bad page.  There were other potential suitors that could have fit in the bottom row instead of the Goudey cards, but the issue was I only had 2 each of the other minis (such as 87 Topps).   Maybe one day I'll change it up when more minis wander in.

thanks for reading, Robert

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