Wednesday, October 29, 2014

By the page: Jose Canseco

When I saw the news on Wednesday that Jose Canseco had accidentally shot off part of his finger, I knew I had to step up my efforts to find that elusive 9th card for him.

The search worked, and now I have a full page of Jose in a Jays uniform.  There's probably plenty of others out there, but these 9 are good enough for me.
Top row:  Running, hitting, mulling

One thing I'll say about this page, there are some good photos of Jose.  I don't know why, but I'm kind of partial to the rounding 2nd base card on the left.

Even 15 years ago, there were guys that wore "suits of armor" to the plate, like you see in the other two cards.

Middle row:  My favorite card, surrounded by the same photo

The Bowman card in the center is my favorite of the page.  It's simple, features Jose in the dark blue jersey (which you know I love), and isn't some fancy insert or parallel.

How about the other two cards??  The same photo, used by two different companies.  We've seen a lot recently how Topps likes to reuse photos, but how about Fleer and Topps using the same photo in the same year.  I'm sure that a lot of other people have examples of this kind of duplication as well.

Bottom row:  The blues

The Leaf rookies and stars card in the center was the last one I found for the page.  No doubt the Donruss on the left depicts Canseco walking back to the dugout after one of his many strikeouts (he led the AL in strikeouts during his only season in Toronto with 159).  The Pacific Aurora on the right came close to hiding all the logos, since that product was only licensed by the MLBPA.

Not bad, one year, one page.   Although I love the advice that this tweet provides Jose, it probably would have been better timed if it was sent before he started cleaning the gun.

Leave it up to Jose to get his name in the news on the day of Game 7 in the world series.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Look again, that is not remotely the same photo but it is two different photos of what is probably the same catch. THAT is pretty unusual.

  2. Jose looks even more gigantic than I remember in that middle Bowman card.

  3. The great thing is that you have one card for each of his complete fingers.