Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some more Jays goodness from Wes

I took a closer look at the cards that I received from Wes as a prize for correctly guessing the winner of the blog of the year contest.  There were a dozen cards in the group I wanted to show off today, some great Jays goodness from yesterday and today.

How about a couple of Topps' finest?

Just for fun last week, I tried peeling off the sticker of an older Topps Finest hockey card.   I wound up tearing the card (the front came apart from the back), teaching me that I shouldn't be messing around with the protective coating.  One of these days I'm going to have to sit down and figure out how many Carlos Delgado cards I have in the Jays collection.  It must be closing in on 150.

A little more modern you want?  Sure...

Ice blue and chrome Bowman versions of Joey Bats, you betcha.  The Eric Thames is only the 3rd gold sparkle (if that's what that version of gold is called) from 2012 that I own.   I thought I had more of those.  The Bowmans Best card of Delgado is from 1999, and is another set that I own very little of.   One day I'll have to try and rectify that.

Here's a half dozen cards that you don't see everyday on the blogs.

Hard to say which of these is my favorite, although the John Olerud Toys R Us rookies card is right up there.   The Alomar is a food issue, from Hostess back in 1993.   I can still remember all the press that Cliff Johnson received when he broke the all time record for career pinch hit home runs (Cliff finished his career with 20).  That record has since been eclipsed by Canadian Matt Stairs, who has 23. 

The Blue Jays total now stands at a little over 4300, with some cards still to be sorted out from recent acquisitions.  I think I'm going to need a bigger storage box to hold everything I need to get into binders.  The 3 row shoe box is starting to burst!

Thank you for the cards Wes!!  Very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Thanks for sharing the fate of the ill-fated hockey card. I have a small number of cards with that protective film and every time I handle one, I wonder about trying to peel. Now I know better ;)

    Some cool issues posted here, too. I really like the design of the Finest Hentgen and don't believe I've ever seen that Hostess Alomar before.