Thursday, April 24, 2014


I should have these 5 numbers memorized by now.  I've seen them so many times on PWE's that arrive from Michigan that they should be ingrained into my brain.  Yes, Pat from the Hot Corner Cards blog sent me another trio of cards that meet the needs of a couple of want lists...

2014 Opening Day SF-44

It may not be the greatest idea for an insert, but something about this card just grabs me.  The colors maybe?  When typing the card into my Blue Jays spreadsheet, the SF-44 automatically popped up, which as anyone who uses Excel knows means that the characters were already in that column.  So, instantly I thought I had this card already.   Turns out that the Jose Bautista Spring Fever card from the 2013 Opening Day set also was numbered SF-44.  Coincidence?

I like the South Philly sluggers card.  This was the first time I'd seen this card, and I had to look at the back to realize it was actually the insert from the 2010 "Cards your mom threw out" set.    That's 1160 combined career HRs with their arms raised in the air.  It's funny, I decided to enter a few of the Jim Thome cards I have into the Trading Card Database, and I became a little bit depressed when I found out that there are currently 8638 cards listed.   That includes parallels, jerseys, oddballs, autos, etc.  If that's the case, I only need 8528 more to be complete!! 

That's not happening...

Thank you again Pat!   Another great trio of cards.

thanks for reading, and my apologies for slacking this week...Robert


  1. If we have to apologize for slacking off, well, I'll have to write a big apology post!

  2. Like the South Philly Sluggers also