Thursday, November 22, 2012

The irony of how I finally completed an 18 year old set

Last weekend, I decided to stop putting off obtaining singles towards completing some sets that I've had going for a long time.  The oldest set that I've had on my lists is the 94-95 UD Hockey set.

570 cards that were released in 2 series.  One of my favorite hockey releases from the mid 90's (if not my favorite).  Since I updated my want lists for hockey a few months back, this little list has sat there, neglected.

I only needed 2 cards.  What was so tough about picking up these 2 cards from Sportlots?  Honestly, I don't know.  Even better, when I went onto Sportlots on the weekend, the cards that I needed wound up coming from 2 different sellers.

The first one arrived Tuesday...

Kick his ass Sea-Bass!!
No scrub there.  It's sad to think how many goals this guy could have scored if not for a 2 year period in which he only played 22 games due to knee and thigh injuries.

OK...on to the final card, which came on Wednesday.  The sad part of this irony is, I don't even have the card in my PC.....

One day, I will own a Nordiques Sakic jersey.
Yes, Joe Sakic arrived Wednesday as the final card I needed to finish off this set.  I thought I had this card already in my Sakic collection, but in reality the only version I have is the Electric Ice parallel.

Finally nice to get this set out of the way after all these years.

2001 Fleer Tradition baseball is next oldest....only 12 years old.  I've got lots of time....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. congrats on the completion!!! That one is the next one to start on my hit list after I finish the '92/93 set.