Saturday, November 17, 2012

I feel like I'm cheating

Since I started blogging, I've made it a personal goal to blog as often as possible.  There are reasons that I wanted to do it.  Writing keeps my mind sharp, and it keeps me from thinking about the daily grind.  It also gives me a personal sense of satisfaction to know that I'm contributing to the card blogging world, even if the post is only a small one.

For me, this week I feel like I've been cheating.  Before today, I only posted 3 times this week.  I've been more inclined to try and clean up the mess I've made for myself in my card room.  At least that mission has begun to some degree.

Today, I'm trying to make it up to the blogosphere a little bit.  First, it's mass mailing day.  Those who live in the following zip codes have packages on their way to them...


There are a few others out there that have piles started for them (especially Roy-Z who has a big pile of OPC coming his way...thanks for the trade Roy).

Most of all, I've been remiss in showing some cards to the blog world.  One thing I noticed recently is the "traded to" line being used by Score hockey this year.  Brandon Sutter's card is featured below for example...

I'm glad that Score has decided to use this method of updating cards in their product this year.  I haven't collected their product the past few years, so I couldn't say whether this was a common practice for them.  Whatever the case, I'm glad that the "traded to" line is there.

My affinity for all things blue and white has also been lacking somewhat lately.  This card that I received as part of a trade with the Captain from the Waxaholic blog is something that I really enjoyed receiving.  It features one of the greatest Leafs of all time, Frank Mahovlich.

Serial #'d goodness featuring "the Big M", how can you go wrong?   Mahovlich's record of 48 goals in a season would stand for over 20 years until finally Rick Vaive cracked the 50 goal barrier in1981-82, scoring 54 times.  Vaive's record still stands today. 

The one player that was credited with helping jump start Mahovlich's goal scoring prowess was the great Red Kelly.
Kelly came to Toronto in a deal during the 59-60 season after vetoing a trade to the New York Rangers.  Kelly was moved from defence to center, and helped lead the Leafs to 4 Stanley Cups over the next 8 seasons.  Kelly had also won 4 Cups while with Detroit, making him the only player in NHL history to win 4 Stanley Cups with 2 different teams. 

OK, that's enough history for today.  How about some current events?

The mega deal between the Jays and the Marlins.  Unbelievable.  If Selig allows the deal to go through (which I have a feeling he will not do..), it does two things for the Jays.  It solidifies their starting rotation (Romero, Morrow, Johnson and Buehrle match up with any other top 4 out there..), and Jose Reyes gives the Jays the leadoff man that they have lacked since the Alomar/White combo in the early 90's. 

These guys set the table for a couple of great teams in the early 90's

I hope that deal goes through.....however I have a feeling that Selig might think that somebody else is cheating...

Melky Cabrera's signing is interesting to say the least.  2 years at $8M per year was kind of surprising coming off of his suspension.

It appears that the Jays are no longer going to wait around for their farm system to develop, and have decided to become a player in the AL East again. If Sergio Santos comes back healthy and is the closer that the Jays lacked last season, the Jays may be a force in the east.

Since the NHL is now the No Hockey League, there's only one thing left I can do.

Count down the 135 days until opening day for MLB.  I can't wait.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I have the exact same feelings. I hit leadoff in high school when I played 2nd base (now as a rickety adult I bat 6th and catch, funny how things go.

    The earliest Blue Jays teams I remember were the '92-'93 powerhouses...and even that is fuzzy. Since then there seems to have been no great or even good leadoff guys...the presence of Reyes is just amazing, really hard to put it into words. I've already picked up some of his cardboard off of the 'bay..

  2. I love that Leaf Devon White card! There is dust!
    I have some 1991 Leaf cards and those you showed are from what? 1992?

    The 'trade to' line also appear in some vintage cards isn't it? I'd prefer that than the photoshop era we're living.

  3. I got the cards in Tuesday's mail -- thank you!! Your return package went out this morning. As a fun FYI, the clerk at the post office engaged me in a mini tutorial about New Castle, PA. He apparently has family that lives there. And he even informed me that your street is on a hill...or near a hill...or something about a hill. Gotta admit, I zoned out after a while :)

    1. Small world huh Kaz? I live in a historic district of New Castle, called the North Hill. I've tried walking up that hill, and wound up naming it cardiac hill...for good reason!