Monday, November 19, 2012

Blue Jay Monday: Carlos Delgado Quad Relic

I've mentioned this on the blog before, but it still rings true for me.  The older I get, the more I believe in karma.

What goes around comes around.  Today I found that out in spades.

If any of you saw Dennis' post today over at Too Many Verlanders, you will see a Marty Turco jersey card that I picked up for him at the Expo a little over a week ago.  That Turco was part of the first purchase I made at the show.  5 jersey cards at a price that I'm too ashamed to admit I paid, but I knew when I saw each of these cards I had to bring them home with me.

Karma came around for me today in the form of a bubble mailer, and a fantastic Carlos Delgado quad relic card.

My first triple jersey/bat relic card.   Love it. 

If that had been the only card in the envelope, I would have been a happy man.  Dennis doesn't do things small apparently.

The envelope was loaded.  60 Blue Jays cards (I think it's a blogosphere rule that I perpetually stay behind in trying to catalog my Jays, a couple of insanity cards, and 2 of these...

A couple of phone cards featuring Shawn Green, giving the holder 5 free minutes of long distance from Bell Canada.  It took a little bit of research, but these cards go back to 1995 when the Jays hosted a clinic for 30 kids with cancer at the SkyDome.  The cards were given away as part of a promotion at the Jays game on  7/27/95 against the Twins.  In case you were wondering, the Jays beat the Twins 9-2 on that day and posted 12 hits.  (this tidbit will interest Dennis, the Jays catcher that day was none other than long time Tiger great Lance Parrish)

There's two words that describe me after this trade with Dennis...

Spoiled rotten.  thank you Dennis!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Haha, you got a spam comment from posting those phone cards! Thanks for looking up the game those came from as I was indeed in attendance during my lone trip to Toronto. It was definitely a great time, even if they completely marred the 7th inning stretch by doing something lame that wasn't "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." I definitely didn't recall that Lance Parrish was the catcher that day, but I'm mostly sure (without looking it up) that Roger Clemens was pitching that day, and I had also seen his previous start against the Tigers just a few days prior.

    Anyway, glad you liked the stuff, thanks again for the trade!

  2. The Delgado is a sweet looking card.

    Hopefully, having a sweet card like that will sway the Hall voters to put this guy where he belongs.