Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Before there were lockouts and strikes: Dave Keon

Another player request, this time from the Coffee Junkee at the Cardboard Jungle blog.  This time it features one of his favorite players, Dave Keon.

1979-80 OPC # 279 Dave Keon:

I have to say it, doesn't Dave just look like an 18 year veteran in this photo?  Dave just looks like he's been through the wars and he has a snarl that would intimidate any opposing player.  What was interesting for me to learn from looking at his career stats is that Dave was one of the victims of the constant WHA chaos during the mid 70's.  Dave went from Minnesota to Indianapolis, back to Minnesota, then to Edmonton and finally to New England, all in a span of 18 months. 

Scary stat:  Dave personifies the word gentleman in the game of hockey.  Here is his career penalty minutes totals, going season by season.


117 penalty minutes in 22 seasons.  Incredible.

Dave's career was a long one, almost 1500 professional games, 498 goals, 4 Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe, two Lady Byng awards, two Paul Deneau trophies (WHA version of Lady Byng), and a Calder. 

Imagine as well, at the end of their careers, a forward line in Hartford consisting of:  LW Bobby Hull, C Dave Keon, RW Gordie Howe. 


Before there were lockouts and strikes, there was Dave Keon.

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  1. Nice write up, thank you. 117 penalty minutes in 22 years?!?! crazy, huh? Tiger Williams used to have that many in a week!