Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 37 begins with a trip to the LCS

I love Saturdays.  It's that simple.  Saturday is the one day of the week where I really do get to do what I want to do.  That of course includes a trip to the LCS.  Aside from some supplies that I needed, I also picked up a few packs of fun.

First was three packs of Heritage.  I hadn't bought any hobby packs as of yet, and of course there really isn't much difference between the hobby and retail packs that you can pick up anywhere.

I did catch one SP (485, Mike Napoli), and I now have a couple of stickers to trade:

These are cool to look at, but I will not be collecting them, so if you're interested at all, just let me know.

I also bought some Opening Day as well, which is a purchase that I have never made before.  I found a couple of different inserts in the 1/2 dozen packs that I bought that I hadn't seen on blogs before...


I don't recall seeing the Fantasy Squad inserts before, but they are good looking cards.  The borders blend in with the background of the card, which is kind of cool.  The blue bordered Victorino is a numbered parallel, alas the number is too high for me to use for my insanity set, so it goes into the trade pile for a Phillies fan out there.  The Jered Weaver card in the top center is reminiscent of the Topps 2020 insert set from a couple of years back.  The card has that same kind of feel and look, and if there's an Angels collector that is interested, again let me know.

The only two cards from the scan that I will be keeping are the Jays cards (of course), anything else is available.

I also stopped a K-Mart and picked up a 3 pack of '11 Chrome, hoping to get lucky and pull either of the final 2 cards I need to complete the set (#'s are 20 & 170 in case you're wondering).  No luck there, but I did land some other decent cards.

The purple Matt Garza does fit into the insanity collection, so that's one more number I can strike off of the list.  The 3 orange bordered refractors are up for grabs, just let me know about those as well. 

I also have plenty of '12 Heritage base for trade, if you're looking for any specific numbers, or if you are interested in any of the cards I've mentioned above, send an email to rmitchell6700 AT yahoo dot com

Guess you could call this a trade post, without the trades....yet

Thanks for reading, Robert

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