Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colts and Angels and eBay misfires

Well, it's Wednesday evening, and I have finally got my body back on the early shift after working a month of closing shifts at my office.  The result of the two days it took me to get back into a more normal schedule was me drifting off sitting in front of my computer last night at 930, thus the reason you saw no post from me yesterday.  What also sucks is that I can't get to the post office during the day now, because I'm working between 830-530.  There are a few people waiting on a package from me, and for that I do apologize, but they are sure to go out Saturday this week!

Now that I'm back up and running, let's have a look at some of my eBay wins from last week.  I've enjoyed scouring for cheapo '64 Topps lots, so cheap that I've bid $1.99 as my maximum, and if I don't win them, oh well!!

The first auction I won was for a lot of 6 Angels cards, for $1.99, and this is easily the best lot of cards that I have ever picked up...I've scanned 4 for your viewing pleasure:

No creases, no dinged corners, the backs are in great it!  These cards may be the closest to NRMT that I see for this set without scouring the 4 corners of the earth. 

I'm more used to lots such as this:

Check out the Joe Koppe card, top center.  That top right corner looks like the dog got hold of it!  The best of this lot is probably the Jim Fregosi card in the lower right.  The most interesting card for me turned out to be the Dean Chance card.  With a last name like Chance, I had to look up his history.  Turns out he won the Cy Young award in 64!  Won 20 games, 1.65 ERA, 15 complete games and 11 shutouts!!  Dean also finished 5th in the MVP voting, behind some guys named Brooks Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Elston Howard and Tony Oliva.  Some great company he's keeping there!!

This last lot was also $1.99, and is more along the lines of cards I expect to pickup as I go.

The bottom row is especially indicative of a lot of 50 year old cards.  The Johnny Weekly card has a new eyebrow fashioned for him, and the Harry Craft has the letters "GU" written between the C and O in Colts.  Don't think that the GU stands for Game Used. 

What about the eBay misfire you ask?  Well I'm glad to relay this little story, which demonstrates the mistrust I have in people some times.  I won another auction...64 Topps lot of Senators...el cheapo $1.99 + shipping.  I paid the guy within a day as is my custom, and a few hours later I was refunded my money.  Here's the note I was sent by the seller.

Message from merchant: I am sorry but I apparently mailed the wrong cards out to another buyer which actually was the cards you won so I am giving you a full refund... Norm.

This kind of stuff is where I have mixed emotions.  The hot tempered Scotsman in me says screw it, I don't believe it for a second, and should leave negative feedback because I won an auction for cards that I really wanted and all I wound up doing is wasting my time.  Also, the seller probably didn't get the price he wanted for the cards and wanted to relist them.

The rational thinking person on the other hand thinks, well, the guy left me positive feedback quickly, refunded the entire amount quickly (it was within a day), and he may be telling the truth and had mailed the cards off to the wrong person. 

In the end, I just decided to let it slide, because the guy does have 100% feedback, and the hassle over an auction for $1.99 isn't worth it.  No cards, no feedback...easy enough??!!

Not bad so far anyways, 53 cards picked up so far out of the 587 card set, mostly commons (save for the Duke Snider).  It has been fun searching for cheapo lots on eBay as well, hopefully more success comes my way in the future.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Very nice pick up! Especially because they're Angels and Colt 45's!

    Good thing Koufax missed a dozen starts that year, because back in '64 they only gave the Cy Young to 1 pitcher in all of baseball.

    I am not sure, but is '64 the first Topps set where there's a consistent color theme for each team?

  2. Its always nice to see an Angels post on a blog not focusing on the Angels!

    Good pickups.